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​A quick history. 


Always drawn to ventures on the cutting edge, Leah E. L. Mottishaw has carved a unique path to advance communication and learning. Her fundamental perspective is rooted in the sciences and science as a way of thinking.


Leah's formal training began in molecular biology and biochemistry (Bachelor of Science, Simon Fraser University) and was later focused on microbiology (Master of Science, University of British Columbia), with added hands-on experience in the biotechnology of blood stem cells (Lifebank, Corp.) But while she has focused her studies on very finite pieces of life, her curiosity transcends single-celled organisms. The ultimate question of "how does this work?" or "why does this happen?" resonates at all levels of our existence.


As a result of her curiosity and her passion for the cutting edge, Leah is an organizer and proponent for Jness, Inc. a transformational women's movement that changes women's experience of themselves. And finally, she is an advocate and coach with Executive Success Programs, which offers patent-pending technology and education for leveraging critical thinking to master the fundamentals of success to be applied to any area of life.





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