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Professional Development

I deliver your established professional development material to your employees or clients. Alternatively, I develop and present customized training to your group.

I have developed sessions as short as 1.5 hours and as long as 6 weeks. What are you looking for?

Topics I have experience with:

  • Leadership

  • Team Building

  • Business Writing/Business Communication

  • Communication Skills

  • Science Communication Skills

  • Having Difficult Conversations

  • Minute-Taking

  • Goal Setting

  • Motivation

  • Job Preparedness

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Women-only Workshops

  • Custom First Nations Workshops


Do you need documentation, marketing or internal training? I create digestible, understandable written documents or visual presentations that explain your process or product. My consulting combines my experience with scienctific processes and business development, my love for presenting, and my enthusiasm for connecting with people.

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